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Amsterdam-based architecture and interior photographer Inbal Tur-Shalom has been shooting commercially since 2008 for a variety of clients, both nationally and internationally.

Inbal was born in 1970 in a small town near Tel Aviv. She's passionate about buildings and actually, when she was a teenager, she wanted to become an architect. After high school and military service, she went travelling around the world, returned home, studied and graduated with a BA in Business Management. She then worked as a customer care department manager in the fast IT industry. Managing a department of 5 people and having contact with more than 100 clients from diverse industries gave Inbal the experience of maintaining proper communication with her team and clients and ensuring jobs are delivered on time and within budget. But then, at the age of 36, she felt that life had more to offer so left her comfortable life and went traveling again. While traveling she realized that she wanted to take photos not only as a hobby, but also for a living. 


Since 2015 Inbal has also offered photography workshops. For information about these workshops, please click HERE.

Inbal is fluent in Hebrew and English, and has conversational Dutch skills.

Any of the images in my existing portfolio are available for licensing for a variety of purposes, I'm available to undertake commissioned work to fulfill more specific requirements and of course for questions or quotes. 

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