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For whom? 

Inbal photographs worldwide for property developers, interior designers, architects, tourist accommodation marketing departments and agencies, high-end property agencies, construction companies and similar businesses and organisations. With professional photographs in their portfolio, these companies portray themselves as professional, and the photos are effective marketing material to attract the right clients.


For what?

Inbal provides architecture and interior photography services for architecture portfolios, company publications and websites, advertising, PR, catalogues, brochures, magazines, coffee table books, promotional material for the sale and rent of apartments, houses and whole buildings, visual preservation for education purposes, and more. 


Variety of architectures and interiors styles

Inbal photographs the architecture and interiors of all sorts of properties, from commercial and public buildings, modern residentials, construction sites and historic buildings to themed boutique hotels, old castles and beach spas. In addition, Inbal photographs traditional restaurants, modern shops, museums, galleries, shopping centers, architectural and design projects, exteriors and gardens.

Bringing Your Vision to Visualisation

Inbal's photography method is to present the building or space accurately yet artistically with a focus on the best features. The photographs convey the ambiance, show the flow and functionality of the architecture and interior, and present the unique selling points of the property. By telling your unique story, these photographs make a strong and lasting impression.


How does it work?

At the inquiry stage we discuss the kind of space to be photographed, and I will ask you for your pointers, vision and needs around the photo shoot. 


On location, I walk around to get a feel of the space and take lots of photographs. If you are on location too, we will look at the raw material there and then, so we can work together and create exactly the images that you have in mind. If necessary and possible, we'll slightly rearrange the space to present it at its best.


To produce high-quality, natural-looking interior and exterior photos that will tell your story in the best way, I choose the best raw material back at my studio and process the images individually to ensure optimum visual appeal and best photographic results.



Each photography project is different—the location, the number of photographs to be delivered, the usage of the photographs and so on. Therefore my photography is a customized service that is tailored to your needs, and the pricing varies accordingly.

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